The first thought in my head when I saw her was "She's beautiful...and she plays video games... I want to marry her." Although I didn't propose out of impulse right away, I thought about it. Baby steps.

2.5 years later of smooching and whispering sweet nothings, I made a video game with my friends Ryan and Jack to propose to her.

The reason? I couldn't allow myself to just do a normal proposal, it had to be special. Something we would remember forever to remind us where we started. Simple times playing games together growing up and learning that games can convey all sorts of emotion, I wanted her to see all the spikes I would jump over for her. :P

The art/design and sub par animation was done by yours truly. The programming wizardry was developed by my friend Ryan, and finally the beautiful tunes were composed by
my friend Jack. :D

Level 1 The Journey
Level 2 The Proposal

Here I'm going to describe how it all went down.

Under the guise of a game project at my work I had been secretly developing this game at my friend Ryan's house. Being the only place where I could work, I had to constantly tell Angel that I was working late because of crunch or finishing a project, hopefully not thinking I was doing anything shady haha.

I'm very grateful to have Ryan and Jack as friends because they understood my vision exactly, and working with them was a lot of fun. So it wasn't really a pain, or a chore to do this, it just took more time than expected, so I felt bad for dragging them in on this lengthy project while they had work, school, and other things. Thanks brotato chips.

It roughly took four to five months working on it when I could get away with it, using lies and deceipt to create the best foundation for our future marriage... ANYWAY, I think the hardest part was how to present it so she wasn't suspicious. I had come up with a few plans, building an arcade cabinet was my first choice and asking the local barcade to house it for me for the night, that didn't pan out, being expensive and time consuming.

I ended up using my workplace as a front for the whole operation, saying we are developing a retro style platformer and we needed playtesters that were familiar with the type of game. Now this wasn't suspicious to her (I hope) because Angel had come in before and did some playtests in the past for another game. I built it up, talked about it a bit and how my company SuperGenius was making this game right?

I set up the date with the awesome help from our office manager Susie (Thanks Susie!), got the family together and set up the playtest with cameras in the conference room with an Ouya running the game. I was really nervous by this point, making sure the game worked 50,000 times, made sure the cameras were set to get her reaction, which I failed at :[ After everything was set and ready to go I just felt like throwing up I was nervous, excited, tired, and sweaty haha.

I had the family hide out in the nearest coffeee shop so that Susie could go get them when the conference doors shut and wait outside the room for the surprise after I proposed :P Angel came into the office unaware of my intentions, I think I did well in hiding my nervousness, I sat her down at the table with one of my co workers (Brice), with a questionnaire, for maximum legit playtesting.

I booted up the game and the cameras - one on the screen, and one on her face to show her reaction which didn't get me proposing on one knee in the video. I sat behind her to watch her play, she plays like a pro, jumping gaps, solving easy puzzles like she's played super mario world before. My coworker Brice asks her standard playtest questions like, "Have you played many games before?" and "What do you think of the art or animation?" Me hoping she doesn't say, "it looks like shit!" haha.

She continues playing, ten or so minutes later, she is nearing the whole end sequence and my heart feels like its about to splode, I'm falling apart. Getting it together while she is realizing what the hell is going on was one of the most intense moments of my life. Then it was a blur, all of a sudden I was fumbling around for the ring, in this velcro bag making all sorts of noise, I get down on one knee.... she's all teary eyed, I'm teary eyed, she gets to just before the end and I'm like...finish the game! haha she finishes and selects yes on the dialog prompt, then I ask her and she says "DUH" and I am like what? oh yeah!

I open up the sliding doors of the conference room and the family with all the studio are cheering and applauding outside with champaign and cake which was a suprise for me too to see all of that :D It was overwhelming and Angel shields her face from all the people seeing her cry haha. It was perfect.

It all couldn't have gone as well without all the support of my friends and family, we felt really happy and loved. Thanks to everyone again for making my vision for the best proposal come to fruition.

Level 3 The Knight and the Wicked Princess

My name is Fink (Robert Fink) and I work as a 3D artist in the games industry at a company called SuperGenius, Angel is a boss sauce web developer and we both share a great passion for gaming.
We also have a cat, who lives up to his name, Ganon, The King of Evil..

Random Fact reveal another

We eat a lot of Taco Bell.

Robert's favorite game series is Legend of Zelda.

Angel's favorite ever game is Diablo II.

Robert has a Legend of Zelda tribute tattoo on his left forearm.

Angel has the Enigma runeword from Diablo II tattooed on her right forearm.


Our love is legendary.

We're from Portland, Oregon!

Our apartment is full of nerdery.

Robert's favorite color is red and Angel's is BLACK.

Robert's favorite movie is Grandma's Boy and Angel's is Gladiator.

Robert enjoys IPAs and Angel is a hard cider type of gal.

Level 4 Say Hello